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Feedback Inspector text field mouse selection is too unforgiving

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by djdanlib, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. djdanlib


    Jan 14, 2017
    This usability issue is currently an issue in editor 2021.3.0. This behavior has existed for many previous versions and I'm not sure if it was ever different.

    When I mouse-drag to highlight text in an Inspector text field, I have to be too precise with the mouse. I typically drag left-to-right for my edits. When my mouse drifts out of some narrow region, it actually inverts the selection and I wind up selecting the whole beginning up to the initial selection point. This slows down my flow quite a bit sometimes.

    Let's say I'm changing the name of an object I just duplicated to have a different suffix.

    My flow should look like: Drag to highlight the second half of a GameObject's name, type a different suffix, done.

    My flow often looks like: Drag to highlight the second half of a GameObject's name, type a different suffix, realize that it selected and overwrote the first half instead, press Ctrl+Z, discover that it undid something else rather than the erroneous text edit, try to figure out what it changed, undo that if possible, retype the name, done.

    I'm not sure how useful inverting the selection this way even is, when you could just drag in the direction you want to select instead.

    The desired resolution for this would be that it's not easy to accidentally invert the selection while using the mouse to highlight text. It would be nice if Ctrl+Z were to undo edits while focused on a text field, but that just provides a workaround (and another expected behavior from a text box) rather than fixing the problem.