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[] Bats Pack PBR - Texture Customization, Mesh Morphing, Source Files, Animation Rig

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by infinitypbr, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. infinitypbr


    Nov 28, 2012
    Sign Up @ and Get Your First Pack for $35!

    Texture Customization | Mesh Morphing | Sound Effects | Source Files

    Unity Asset Store!/content/91399

    This package contains three different Bat models -- each one has it's own unique look, and two come with fur. The package also contains a custom hair/fur shader to use. All the bats share the same animations, and they're set up so that it's easy to code the flight aspect: Up/Down/Left/Right/Tilting are all done via code. There is a demo scene with an example of tilting/turning as well.

    While real bats don't fly like this (after all, it probably wouldn't look good in a game!), we did use real world bat flight physics via slow motion videos on YouTube, and you'll find that the motion is quite realistic and believable.​

    Texture Customization
    In the past, a packge would come with a handful of texture sets, usually just a few color variations. I provide you the tools to customize the textures using Substances. In the Inspector, use sliders to adjust the Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Lightness, Roughness & more. Each part of the texture is broken into seprate categories, so you can easily modify one without touching the rest. You can even replace the entire base mateiral with something else. That means if something is leather, and you want it to be metal, you can do that.

    The editor scripts and tools I provide make it easy to copy changes in one section to all the other sections, and then export the finished texture maps with a single click, automatically populating a new Standard Shader material.

    Of course if you don't have any interest in creating your own textures, I do ship the pack with multiple texture options that are ready to be used out of the box. If you sign up at there may be more downloads availalbe for free.

    Mesh Morphing
    Blend Shapes give you the power to change the physical mesh of the model, often creating characters that look very different from the default. Our editor script will expose specific Blend Shapes in the Inspector, with sliders to change the values. You can even code the changes. That means your players can customize the mesh of their character, or spawned enemies can be given random values so each is different from the next.

    Sound Effects
    We include sound effects to go with the animations. These are created by sound designers specifically for Bats Pack PBR, often using practical foley recordings. We often include variations, so each time the sound is triggered, a script will randomly choose one of the variations to play. And sometimes we include multiple layers of audio, so you can mix and match and create the right effect for your game.

    The included script makes it easy to play clips & loops called via Aniamtion Events or other trigger methods. Options include multiple clips (randomly chosen), volume levels & modifications for volume by velocity, as well as the ability to play clips only some of the time. This way, for example, enemies can grunt during their idle loop, but only as often as you want them to.

    Re-Mixable Custom Music
    (Coming Soon)
    A composer has creates original tracks to accompany these packs. Some tracks are more like Theme Music, while others are more Ambient, or anywhere in between. Music is always included in layers. Each stem, often a single instrument, can be used in the Unity Audio Mixer so you can create your own mixes. The Demo scene will include a selection of Snapshots ready to be used, as well as scripts showing how you can modify the sound during gameplay.

    The music can now adapt to your game. Fade to another snapshot based on in-game variables such as Player Health, Time Remaining or whether the game is Paused or not. While a Composers Mix is always included if you do not want to mix your own tracks, we urge you to try it out. The power you have is insane.

    Concept Art
    (Coming Soon)
    You know what often separates the AAA studios from you? Their advertising channels are full of concept art, and yours isn't. As far as I know, there are no other Asset Store packages that include Concept Art. Using this, you can populate your website, Steam page, Facebook feed, Twitter, with compelling artwork to excite your fans before you have a game to show.

    At least 3 images are provided in both PNG & Photoshop format. The Photoshop files are layered, so you can turn on/off body parts and armor whenever possible, or modify the color or look for some layers but not others. These images are ultra high resolution.

    Realistic animations are important. I don't know about you, but when I swing a bat real hard, my whole body moves. So if a character swings their sword, I think their whole body should move too. The world they live in may be fantasy, but we work to make sure that the perceived physics of the animations are realistic and highly detailed, including facial & wardrobe animation when possible.

    • Attack 1
    • Attack 2
    • Death 1
    • Death 2 (loop)
    • Death 3
    • Dodge
    • Fly Backward
    • Fly Forward
    • Fly Forward to Roost
    • Fly Idle
    • Fly Idle to Roost
    • Got Hit
    • Idle Break
    • Roost to Fly
    • Sleeping Idle
    • Sleeping Idle Break 1
    • Sleeping Idle Break 2
    • Sleeping Idle Break 3

    Source Files
    Animation Rig | Substance Painter | Substance Designer
    The Animation Rig is provided in, usually, Maya or 3DS Max format, and can be used to create new animantions that better suit your project.

    Whenever possible, Substance Painter project files are included so those who knwo the program can drastically re-texture the models. In some cases, re-textureing may be more difficult due to limitations in Painter or because the original texture was not created in Painter.

    All of our Customizable Textures are created in Substance Painter. If you'd like, you can go into the source file and learn how we did it, or tweak settings to better suit your needs.

    Please note: Source Files do not give you license to share or sell the animations or textures you create. If you're a highly skilled artist and interesetd in sharing or selling your work to the InfinityPBR community as add-on packages, please contact me.

    YouTube Videos

    Demo of the demo scene! Check out the animations, mesh morphing, and texture customization.

    About Infinity PBR
    I made a 30+ hour RPG using all Asset Store artwork. Without the Asset Store, that would have been impossible, and I am forever grateful for the artists who published their work. But I wanted more. I wanted more than just a few texture types. I wanted audio specific to the animations -- and I wanted animations that were realistic. I wanted the ability to change the look of my creatures, and dress my characters in a variety of clothing. And I wanted all of that wardrobe to be itself customizable. I wanted high quality PBR mateirials.

    Infinty PBR includes work from over a dozen artists, each specializing in their specific area.

    My goal is to provide you with packages that are more than what you've ever been exposed to before. Concept Art to help you market your work, Mesh Morphing & Texture Customization to keep things exciting in your game while also helping differentiate your game from others who use the same Asset Store packs. Animations & Sound Effects that feel real and bring characters to life. Music that can be adapted to fit the mood of your game, your scene, and your players.

    If you think what I'm doing is valuable, I urge you to subscribe to all of my work. You can sign up at, and you can choose to get all new characters for just $30, the day they're released. You'll also get to vote on what we work on next, and even add your own ideas to the vote list. You get a huge discount, often over 50%, and I get a budget to work with. If enough of you sign up, I'll not only be able to continue making more character & environment packs, but I'll be able to contract with more high quality artists to produce everything faster, add more animations, more wardrobe and all that. Thank you for your support!

    Unity Asset Store!/content/91399
    Sign Up @ and Get Your First Pack for $35!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  2. infinitypbr


    Nov 28, 2012
    Bats Pack PBR is now available @ the Unity Asset Store!

    Also, for those who purchased on my website and want to write a review, vouchers are available. Just go to and click the "Vouchers & Reviews" link next to the Bats!