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Bug In Unity 2022.2.5f1, basic maths characters in project path can result in persistent crash.

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Max_Bol, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. Max_Bol


    May 12, 2014
    This is kinda strange because I started a project in 2021.3.13f1 with a path that included the character ³
    (it's an 3 as an exponent which can be typed by using the Alt-Code 0179) Windows can take it and Unity 2022.2.5f1 was able to take it just fine. (Although there were a few crash now and then when I would replace existing assets in FBX files with upgraded ones. It was like a 10% occurrences and It could be related to it.)

    I have upgraded the project to Unity 2022.2.5f1 and, after, whenever the project is started, the console throws a bunch of error with missing references. It does launches and its does "works" and the error can be removed from the console. When I close the editor, it results in a crash 100% of the time. I also noticed that, during the loading splash screen of the editor, it's displaying the project name with À³ instead of ³.

    Removing the project from the Unity HUB, renaming the file with regular letters (like 3 instead of ³), then adding it back into the HUB seems to fix the issue.

    This seems to be a problem with how Unity convert the files paths internally. Some character like ³ seems to be converted into something else and this results in some kind of problem internally.

    I'm pointing it out because this could become a recurring issues for users that use Unity in a foreign language that includes character recognized properly by Windows (or Mac) as path, but not properly recognized/managed by Unity.

    Some who read this might think that ³ is not a regular character for path, but it's actually one of the really basic characters that exists in every computers ever since computers was able be used as calculators. It's only not common to see because it's kinda hidden (no shortcuts on most keyboards, except scientific ones) and, because most typing software allows its users to fake a selected character into an exponents with a simple GUI button.

    If ³ is not digested by Unity properly, then I fear for anyone's project that uses character that exceed from the 256 basic characters such as character in non-Latin language.
  2. spiney199


    Feb 11, 2021
    You really shouldn't use anything but the letters and numbers you see on your keyboard to name files/folders... in general.
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  3. Kurt-Dekker


    Mar 16, 2013
    If you use anything except A-Z and 0-9 and MAYBE sometimes underscore (_) on a good day, you are an unpaid test pilot and you can expect to explode and burn somewhere along the line.

    Sure, it's supposed to work, but tell that to the guys running Turkic locals who can't use their special "I" character, or as you found above, your wonky cube-power glyph.

    A-Z and 0-9 are the only ones guaranteed to work.