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Feedback In Editor tutorials Feedback (I really love it, but it needs a little work)

Discussion in 'In-Editor Tutorials Packages' started by GingerLoaf, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. GingerLoaf


    Dec 5, 2012
    As my company grows, we find it increasingly more difficult to communicate and stay on the same page. We have constant disconnects between our decentralized offices and need nonverbal communication that helps us learn about new features and walks us through how to use them.


    I recently attempted to use the package and bumped into a few difficulties, so here we go:

    It would be nice if there were support for multi-package workflows. My company divided up into different departments that work on separate unity packages and we deliver different packages that all go into our game at the end of the day and work together to make it run. I found that this framework has a hard coded assumption that there will only ever be a single TutorialContainer in the entire project (including all asset bundles). To make things better, if more than one TutorialContainer is present, the window breaks and just shows an empty tutorial list with the "in editor tutorials" header. My hope was that each of our package teams could define their own list of tutorials and deliver them alongside their package contents and when our content team gets all the packages together they will see the full combined list of tutorials from every package that they can walk through. This is difficult because it is easy for two tutorials to assume the same id if they are in separate products, and the list of tutorials in the container has to be explicitly defined so we'd have to manage that list by hand with each delivery. It would be life saving to just be able to toss a few tutorials into a package and deliver it and just have those tutorials aggregated into the consuming application!

    Another thing I wanted to note here is that my product is documented using markdown files and it would be amazing to author our tutorial pages in md, but it's fine if this isn't around. We can deal with the default simplistic approach.

    The content of the tutorials should be a text area instead of a text field.

    Again, I love this package and think it can solve my scale issues and keep all our teams in the know about how things work! Keep it up! I am excited for new versions :).
  2. RikuTheFuffs-U


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 20, 2020
    Hi GingerLoaf, thank you so much for your feedback!

    This is something we just stumbled upon while dogfooding our package to other internal teams that have packages that come with their own tutorials. We've got some design already done around this, so you'll very likely see it in a not-too-far release.

    Talking about this, we're working right now on a system for automatically assigning globally unique IDs to tutorials, so this is also something you won't have to take care of anymore anyway.

    We unfortunately don't have any current plan around this, but the idea of importing/exporting to markdown seems interesting to me. Thanks for the input!

    Can you please elaborate on this? What do you think the benefits would be?