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Bug Impossible to create projects in any 2022 version (macOs)

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by Darkgaze, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. Darkgaze


    Apr 3, 2017
    I posted some messages in the general forum months ago. Still can't do it.

    I created a bug report. Nobody can reproduce it.

    I'm still UNABLE to create projects using 2022 (ANY VERSION, even the latest 2022.3.14) in Mac.
    I couldn't find a way to fix it. Not even returning license as told by the bug report reviewer.

    I looked at the logs, it just says it cannot open and the folder is EMPTY after creating the project.

    I can't either create a project using 2021 (older version) and then upgrade it to 2022. It just doesn't work, or open.

    I use a Mac Book Air from 2015. The iOS is not the latest because it is not allowed here anymore. I'm on High Sierra.

    Command in logs to create project:

    {"timestamp":"2023-11-30T07:53:01.447Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LocalProjectService","message":"[ 'createProject projectPath: /Users/lidia/Documents/ProyectosUnity/Project, editor version: 2022.3.14f1, edtitor architecture x86_64' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2023-11-30T07:53:01.450Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'checkEntitlements: checking entitlements for: com.unity.editor.ui' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2023-11-30T07:53:01.483Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'Successfully checked for entitlements request.' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2023-11-30T07:53:01.495Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LaunchProcess","message":"[ 'Spawning editor instance with command: ', '/Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2022.3.14f1/', ', and arguments: ', [ '-createproject', '/Users/lidia/Documents/ProyectosUnity/Project', '-cloneFromTemplate', '/Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2022.3.14f1/', '-cloudOrganization', '', '-cloudEnvironment', 'production', '-useHub', '-hubIPC', '-hubSessionId', '86349412-5a94-4618-bcc8-cf237d27d19c', '-accessToken', 'M0abP27EJPk9HRir_aXPnYeoxBeV7o6Ok_AX0B7JADQ006f' ] ]"}

    Then I get this message (at the end of the log). Nothing happens.

    {"timestamp":"2023-11-30T07:53:12.340Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LaunchProcess","message":"[ 'child process exited with code null' ]"}

    I literally CAN'T WORK.