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Question Imported Mixamo Animation not Working

Discussion in 'Animation' started by xingharvey, Oct 8, 2023.

  1. xingharvey


    Apr 28, 2023
    I used the Unity Starter assets for 3rd person, and I imported a character from Mixamo to use. The default animations, Running, Walking, and Jumping work, but my additional imported animations from Mixamo don't.

    Here is the animator for my "Combat Layer" (A Melee Combat Controller):

    The transition from "Default" to "Draw Weapon1" is triggered by the "DrawWeapon" parameter. I have written code for the input system, and DrawWeapon is invoked fine, and "Draw Weapon1" works consequently. Furthermore, when DrawWeapon is invoked, it goes through all stages("DrawWeapon1", "DrawWeapon2", and "Combat Blend") before going back to the default state. The problem is that the animations for these won't play.

    DrawWeapon1 in inspector:

    DrawWeapon2 in inspector:

    Both of the animations play fine in the inspector. How can I get these animations playing in the actual scene.