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Question Immediate Assistance Requested: Significant CPI Campaign Overspend

Discussion in 'Unity Ads & User Acquisition' started by lilaraum, Feb 8, 2024.

  1. lilaraum


    Oct 27, 2023
    Hello Unity Community and Support Team,

    I'm reaching out to seek urgent assistance with a critical issue I've encountered with my advertising campaign on Unity. Despite setting controlled daily budgets and CPI bids, one of my campaigns has greatly exceeded its daily budget limit, resulting in a single install from Canada costing $54.77 when the set CPI bid was only $0.44.

    Here are the specifics of the situation:
    • Campaign Daily Budget: $25.00
    • Target CPI for Canada: $0.44
    • Actual CPI for an Install: $54.77
    • Total Overspend: Over double the daily budget on a single day
    Upon further review of other CPI campaigns, I have also discovered other discrepancies where spending exceeded the set CPI bids, though not as dramatically as the mentioned instance. This pattern of overspending is concerning and suggests a broader issue with campaign budget handling.

    I have already contacted Unity support and have been awaiting a response for over two days. Given the significant discrepancy and financial implications, the priority of this matter is high, and I am seeking a prompt investigation into the cause of this issue.

    Questions for Unity and the Community:
    1. Has anyone else experienced similar billing discrepancies with their campaigns?
    2. Are there safeguards within Unity's ad system that are supposed to prevent such overspends?
    3. What are the recommended next steps for escalating this issue within Unity's support system?
    Actions Taken So Far:
    • Contacted Unity support with detailed information and screenshots
    • Followed up to emphasize the urgency but have yet to receive a response
    • Reviewed all campaign settings for any possible errors on my end
    The transparency and reliability of Unity's advertising platform are of paramount importance to all of us as developers and advertisers. Any insights, advice, or assistance from Unity support and fellow community members would be greatly appreciated as I work to resolve this critical issue.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am hopeful for a swift resolution and am open to any suggestions or assistance the community can offer.

    Warm regards,
    Marina Kornilova