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Image visualization issue using Visualization Package

Discussion in 'Robotics' started by silvia_fattorini, Aug 21, 2023.

  1. silvia_fattorini


    Jun 19, 2023

    I have two PCs, one with Ubuntu 20.04 and a RealSense D435 publishing on ROS, the other with Windows 11 and Unity 2022.3.6f1. I'd like to see the live stream of the video from the RealSense in Unity. I'm using ROS-TCP-Connector to enstablish the connection between ROS and Unity and the Visualizations Package to visualize the incoming informations from ROS.
    To see the video I have selected the "/camera/color/image_raw" topic.
    When I press Play, I can see the incoming video in the Unity Game Window, but just in a widget, not really integrated in the scene. Instead, I would like to see the video directly in the Game, to stream it after in a VR HMD (Varjo Aero). I have tried to attach the "Image Default Visualizer" script to a GameObject (a plane), because I thought it was necessary to integrate the video in the Scene, but it didn't work. Could you give me some advice? Am I missing some steps?

    Immagine 2023-08-10 163328.jpg

    Unity Version: Unity 2022.3.6f1]
    Unity machine: Windows 11
    ROS machine: Ubuntu 20.04.6, ROS Noetic
    Camera: RealSense D435
  2. Envilon


    Aug 8, 2020