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Question Image Marker. Force Childs to vertical wall.

Discussion in 'Unity MARS' started by macgregger, Nov 13, 2023.

  1. macgregger


    Feb 13, 2018
    Hi there,

    I am using the facade of a house as an image marker. However the objects that I instantiate float in front of the facade. I would like them to stick to the wall using MARS forces.

    This is the marker image I used. It is shot from the ground looking up at the facade.

    Here are the instantiated objects that are placed correctly.

    But once I walk to the side you can see that the sprites are not sticking to the wall but floating in mid air.

    MARS does everything right, the "floating" has to do with the perspective (from the ground up). The question is:
    1. Do I need a different image marker? Shot with a drone from directly in front of the facade perhaps?
    2. Or can I somehow force the child to a vertical surface without loosing the correct perspective?

    I tried using a vertical wall preset first to instantiate an image marker, but that didn't work.
    I also tried applying force directly to the image marker "Stick to vertical surface". That didn't work either.

    Any suggestions?