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[IL2CPP] My builds crash on any x64 / x86 build target

Discussion in 'Windows' started by patrykk, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. patrykk


    May 20, 2017
    So, whenever I try to build my project with il2cpp as backend, I get crashes when trying to
    run the standalone. The resolution window shows up, then the exe crashes.
    I've tried all the build options I could think of, the final target I settled on is x64 / development build.

    The error doesn't tell me anything reasonable, really:
    Stack Trace of Crashed Thread 3340:
    0x00007FFB728B6E31 (GameAssembly) [k:\bin\2018.2.6\editor\data\il2cpp\libil2cpp\icalls\system\microsoft.win32\nativemethods.cpp:30] il2cpp::icalls::System::Microsoft::Win32::NativeMethods::GetProcessTimes
    0x00007FFB70B6EAC0 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_system_0.cpp:22343] NativeMethods_GetProcessTimes_m1357047

    Could anybody help me track this down? The same project works when build with mono backend - so am I stuck with mono, forever?

    I'm attaching the entire crash log.

    Attached Files:

  2. Tautvydas-Zilys


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 25, 2013
    Looks like you are hitting an unimplemented path in il2cpp. Could we have a bug report?

    The function that is responsible for it is RandomStateGenerator constructor, it's calling into Process.UserProcessorTime. Here's the relevant callstack:

    Code (csharp):
    1. 0x00007FFB728B6E31 (GameAssembly) [k:\bin\2018.2.6\editor\data\il2cpp\libil2cpp\icalls\system\microsoft.win32\nativemethods.cpp:30] il2cpp::icalls::System::Microsoft::Win32::NativeMethods::GetProcessTimes
    2. 0x00007FFB70B6EAC0 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_system_0.cpp:22343] NativeMethods_GetProcessTimes_m1357047
    3. 0x00007FFB70B6EC22 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_system_0.cpp:22372] NativeMethods_GetProcessTimes_m3739936313
    4. 0x00007FFB710A3F4B (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_system_4.cpp:21017] Process_GetProcessTimes_m3993746901
    5. 0x00007FFB710A6001 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_system_4.cpp:21151] Process_get_UserProcessorTime_m3231653866
    6. 0x00007FFB7169C168 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp-firstpass_1.cpp:29444] RandomStateGenerator__ctor_m2129494024
    7. 0x00007FFB7168ACAD (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp-firstpass_1.cpp:17003] RandomBase_Seed_m1831886913
    8. 0x00007FFB6FF6DFB3 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp_13.cpp:140] InterfaceActionInvoker0::Invoke
    9. 0x00007FFB716835FB (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp-firstpass_1.cpp:16834] MIRandom_CreateStandard_m4226023902
    10. 0x00007FFB71682F72 (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp-firstpass_1.cpp:16809] MIRandom_CreateShared_m1657751803
    11. 0x00007FFB7168398B (GameAssembly) [k:\checkpointalpha\temp\stagingarea\data\il2cppoutput\bulk_assembly-csharp-firstpass_1.cpp:16707] MIRandom_InitializeStaticFields_m1105216541
    To work around this, remove Process.UserProcessorTime call.
  3. patrykk


    May 20, 2017
    Ah, thank you for the specific response!
    That's coming from the Experilous MakeItRandom asset - I believe it's by now deprecated in the Asset Store,
    so I'll change it or look into a replacement.

    Thanks again.