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Bug Ignored post, so asking yet again

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by JimWebs, Dec 23, 2023.

  1. JimWebs


    Aug 2, 2023
    How do I start unity without the hub? Unity editor only now starts after I jump through a lot of annoying hoops. This morning won't start at all, editor is telling me I'm not connected to unity cloud so won't start. I don't want to be connect to unity cloud or any other cloud. It used to start fine without this. Why do I now have to be connected to start the editor? Is there a way to start the editor without signing in?
  2. APSchmidt


    Oct 31, 2023
    1. Platform?
    2. Version of Hub?
    3. Version of Unity?
    4. Are you starting the hub as admin?

    Normally, you don't need to be online to start the hub and work on your projects. So I guess your installation is at fault there.