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Looking For Contributor I want to craft together with somebody skilled. I think my offer is cool.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by polgunmul, Aug 15, 2023.

  1. polgunmul


    Aug 12, 2023
    I am a 42 year-old indie game developer from Eastern Europe, and I am looking for a partner to collaborate on an extraordinary mobile tower defense-style game that I've been envisioning since 2002. Over the years, I've accumulated many innovative ideas, including game mechanics that introduce a rare for TD games PVP mode in a manner that's far more attractive than any TD multiplayer mode I've come across. I am sure that the gameplay will be addicting.

    I am considering a deliberately large pixelated art style, though it is not a requirement. We are in need of an artist to create 40 top-down view sprites.

    I've successfully crafted three mini-games, one of which is a retro River Ride like Shoot 'Em Up boasting 10 levels (, but I lack the Android development skills. I intend to study libGDX for the project since it's a well-known open-source game development framework for Java. As I have a background in Java programming and lack proficiency in C#, which is needed for Unity, libGDX seems like a suitable choice. However, in the event that I come across a skilled partner who is knowledgeable in Unity, there's a possibility that we could consider transitioning the project to Unity.

    I am strong in geometry, procedural animation, algorithms and AI. I have developed a competitive and highly capable self-learning poker AI.

    Ideally, the partner I'm seeking would be proficient in a framework utilizing Java, as I am a Java programmer. We'll require an SQL Server, and I'm inclined to choose MySQL due to my positive past experiences with this database management system.

    I like "Station Tower Defense" title. It is not typical TD game. There are no enemy waves. PVP only. Station vs Station. Feel free to discuss enithing and ask any questions.

    Considering money making, I believe a limited number of free rounds per day with the option to purchase additional rounds would be a suitable approach. Our revenue sharing will be proportionate to individual contributions in the development process. In case we will collaborate and succeed.

    I made Battery on own engine and with a reply player and a system of auto tuning of many game parameters basing on gameplays log in 1 month. I think we can make Station in 2 months.

    I developed Battery including my own game engine, a replay player and an automated system for fine-tuning various in-game parameters based on gameplay logs within a span of one month. We can create Station within a two-month timeframe.

    I think my offer is cool.

    Telegram and Gmail: polgunmul