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I think the times has come

Discussion in 'Unity Connect' started by TheTripGame, Jan 4, 2021.


After watching the video on youtube, how do you feel about it?

  1. Yes, I might be interested in where this is going.

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  2. I am not interested.

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  3. No.

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  4. I would be interested in hearing more about this project.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. TheTripGame


    Dec 21, 2020
    Hello and Greetings Unity Developers

    I have been learning Unity on my laptop these last 3.5 years.

    This is the result so far:

    In the video, I showcase some of the levels I have constructed.

    Today I release some of the tracks that will be present in the game.

    Today I am working on implementing Emerald Ai with the 3d models that me and some of my team mates has created.
    I am looking for people who are interested in working together towards this game.

    All the best /
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