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Bug I need to install 4.7.2 and it doesn't work

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by supernat, Nov 12, 2022.

  1. supernat


    May 3, 2011
    For a little backstory, I purchased both Unity 4 and Unity 5 pro back when they were sold at full price. I used them to create products for people. I paid for 2 licenses to use two specific versions of software.

    Unity came along in the last couple of years and said NOPE you can no longer use that software, don't care that you paid $4500 per license. Your license is revoked, but hey we'll let you pay a smaller monthly fee for a year to get the latest version of Unity. I didn't WANT the latest verison. I wanted the version I PAID for. This should be illegal, and they should have given me my money back since they methodically modified the archived versions of versions 4 and 5 to remove the ability to run them with an older VALID license key. As dang skeevy as can be, and probably illegal, really seems illegal. But nonetheless...I'm now in a pinch.

    Rant over with, I need to update the software that was built a few years back, because the client never opted to upgrade it, and I recall when we tried once, it was a total disaster, because of the massive (good) changes they made to the UI. Anyway, I download the exact version used to build with (4.7.2), and the HUB doesn't even recognize it. It thinks it's "Unity version 2020.3.28f1-rollseven-gpu-instanced-fix (ac409e6cd). (c) 2022 Unity Technologies ApS. All rights reserved."

    You see that right there? They keep modifying archived versions and changing them. Screwing them up in the process. When I open the app, it forces a rebuild, scripts fail, and I can't even install Android, because when I click the package manager, the font is a bunch of squares, and the links go to "Page not found" pages (that part I get, I'm sure they shut down some things over time, no problems with that). Basic functionality that used to work was ganked by them again.

    Has anyone been able to deal with this issue in a reliable way? Is there somewhere to download older archives that Unity hasn't screwed up? It would REALLY be nice to get my hands on one of the old versions of 4.7.2 that accepted my VALID license that I paid $4500 for