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Question I have 4 questions (Server Instances and Cost Analytics)

Discussion in 'Game Server Hosting' started by jashanbhullar376, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. jashanbhullar376


    Jul 15, 2018
    I have 4 questions:

    QUES 1 ->
    So I have the following settings on two of my projects:

    Project 1: CPU: 500 MHz, RAM: 256 MB, Fleet: Min servers = 1, Max servers = 10
    Project 2: CPU: 500 MHz, RAM: 256 MB, Fleet: Min servers = 1, Max servers = 1

    Now, I know that one Multiplay Server Machine as 2 Core CPU (5.6 Ghz total) and 8 GiB RAM, so going by that logic, I get 11 server instances on one machine which is exactly what I see when I check the server list for Project 1. BUT for Project 2, I get only 7. Why is that?

    QUES 2 ->
    From what I understand, it will still cost you if the fleet is online (min servers are at least 1) or do you need at least one of the server to be allocated to actually get you to charge money?

    QUES 3 ->
    Are we paying for the server instances appearing on server list OR the machines that are holding those server instances?

    QUES 4 ->
    How long does it take for the cost data of today to show up on "Cost and Usage Reporting"?
  2. danri


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 21, 2019

    To address these questions:

    1. There are a few factors that could be in play here. Multiple build configurations on a fleet can result in different numbers of servers per machine, also the CPU architecture can differ between machines (even though they have the same number of cores and speed). It is hard to say for sure without seeing your fleet and build configurations. Could you share links or screenshots of the behaviour you described?

    2. Costs will be incurred if your fleet is online, yes. If more than 1 server is actively running you will see costs for CPU, RAM, disk and network. If the servers and machines are not running, you will just see costs for storage. If the servers and machines no longer exist, then you will see no costs. Some more information on pricing can be seen here -

    3. Costs will be incurred on a machine-by-machine basis, for CPU, RAM and disk storage. Network is a little more complex, as you will see more costs depending on how much network data each server is generating. For example, 10 servers on a machine running active games will cost more than 10 servers on that machine which are in an idle state

    4. Data can take up to 24 hours to show up on the cost & usage reporting dashboard