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Other I gave up on Visual Scripting until I discovered uNode on the asset store ("Bolt 2 Reincarnation")

Discussion in 'Visual Scripting' started by One_Learning_Man, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. One_Learning_Man


    Sep 30, 2021
    Hi all, I just wanted to share my experiences with Visual Scripting.

    I owe it to Bolt/UVS for getting me into Unity with some tutorials. It was there where I learned how to use basic Unity features. But I always found Bolt/UVS to be tedious to work with... I looked into future improvements and was delighted to learn Bolt 2 was coming and then in the next post, disappointed when I saw it was canned. I actually bought every single Visual Scripting assets on the asset store but almost all of them sacrificed usability and performance for accessibility.

    That is until I found uNode. To note, I am not affiliated/sponsored/paid by the creator in ANY shape or form. I'm only a Unity user trying out different tools and uNode clicked with me unlike all the other solutions so much so that I wanted to share my thoughts with it. My favorite thing about it is that it follows coding paradigms but it actually lets you create fields and custom classes in a much more traditional and streamline fashion and my most favorite features of all? Code parsing and code generation.

    Simple example:

    I'm learning a lot with Google but sometimes I get tossed a script that's long and full of things I just can't make head nor tail of it and when I break it down using its parsing tool... it's like magic. I see the logic, I can FOLLOW the logic. And the opposite is true too, I demo something and it spits out my work in code too, so you CAN code "traditionally" using uNode and offering native C# speed. It is by no means perfect, but it's a fantastic starting point.

    If the creator continues working on it, I see a lot of amazing potential with it. Granted, there's several things that could be worked on:

    1. Parsing errors/general bug fixes
    2. Better documentation/examples/tutorials
    3. Polish

    I'll give it some more time before posting a review on the Unity Asset store but I think for anyone looking for something different than Bolt/UVS that integrates a more traditional coding style to your work, then I would recommend this.

    Very happy that I found something that clicked with me in regards to Visual Scripting!
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2021