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I don't understand how learn the tutorials

Discussion in 'Community Learning & Teaching' started by SDELBROCCO, Oct 9, 2019.



    Oct 3, 2019
    Good morning. From some days I have downloaded the FREE version of Unity.
    I have the Unity HUB 2.1.2 for the MAC.
    In the LEARN section, it shows me 3 projects that I can download to get started.
    I chose Micro Karting. I followed the 6 WALKTROUGHT phases of the tutorial.
    When I have completed all 6 steps, the tutorial stops and it does not show me how to proceed to insert other changes.
    I only have the character running on the track, but I can't make any changes.
    For example: the materials of the different objects. Change the color of the wheels or the character.
    Change the color of the houses. Modify the modeling of some object.
    Every time I open the project again, I have to start the 6 phases from the beginning.
    How should I proceed to create my own game? Is there an ordered sequence of tutorials I can follow?
    Build share and play but what? I click "DONE" and it all finish!
    It not is my game.

    Or should I just follow these examples shown on this page? :

    Else. Why does a message appear sometimes on the screen saying: Unity requires you to connect to your network?


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  2. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014
    I won't recommend any Unity tutorials.

    But you can learn from them, via practice.
    Once you learn principles, start experimenting, try things, add remove things. Move things.
    Then combine gained knowledge from different tutorials and start mashing them up together.
    This way you will learn step by step.

    Don't forget to save.
  3. Valjuin


    May 22, 2019