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HTC Vive Controllers Freeze on Grab Object and Collision Problems?

Discussion in 'VR' started by CEEMSURESEARCHER, May 24, 2019.



    May 6, 2019
    Hey Unity fellows,

    I am really new to Unity, and I am trying to build a decent VR game. I added the interactable scripts to objects to pick up, and I have a camera rig for the user to walk around in the game. Two problems exist:

    1. When I pick up the objects and the objects touch me accidentally , it sends my character flying a few meters. I have a Rigidbody and a capsule collider on my camera rig. For the interactable objects, they contain a rigidbody and mesh collider. How could I fix this problem?

    2. This is not so much of a problem but a functionality that I would like disable. When picking up an object, the Vive controller usually freezes position. It may be caused by the interactable or throwable script (unity default ones). Any suggestions would be helpful to eliminate these issues.