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Discussion How would you implement a movement similar to Elsword's?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Hestrateja, Apr 7, 2023.

  1. Hestrateja


    Feb 23, 2019
    Elsword is a 2.5D platformer / hack'n'slash MMORPG. Being the movement 2D with 3D assets, as seen in the following video:

    At minute 1:23 of the video you can see that when the character is moving to the right in reality he is "orbiting" the tree in the middle.

    How would you approach replicating said movement? I've thought about implementing it doing the following:
    1. Create the "ground" in segments, each with a BoxCollider
    2. Create a Plane using the segments' BoxCollider bounds that dictates where is the Player's left/right/up/down
    3. Creating one Trigger Collider at each limit in the local "x" axis of the segment that tells the player to change the Plane
    Is this how you would do it? Asking in case someone has a different approach.

    Thanks in advance!