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Question how to texture a road surface

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by steveh2112, Aug 4, 2023.

  1. steveh2112


    Aug 30, 2015
    hi, i'm making straight roads using planes and i found a nice asphalt seamless texture which tiles well so even when i get super close to the ground, it looks great. but now i need to add white lines down the middle.

    how would i do this? obviously i can't put it in the texture or it will tile all over the place, so i was think a white line plane hovering slightly above the main road plane and make that white with about 50% transparency. but is there a better way?

  2. warthos3399


    May 11, 2019
    There are plenty of Road assets on the store, and free ones. The white lines need to be in/done by the texture, by adding a extra plane (not needed), useless overhead...