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How to Test Android Subscriptions

Discussion in 'Unity IAP' started by CloudFire, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. CloudFire


    Dec 8, 2015
    Hi All

    Have a Nice day.....

    I am new to IAP. In my app i have one month Subscription.I have created myapp_sub_1Months(Product ID)

    in Google Play Console.

    I am using this link


    I have replaced the Product id with my Android Subscription Id. But it does not works... OnPurchasefailed only called..

    It did not asks for user name and password.......

    In mac i OS ... i have tested by replacing id with my itunes product id.... it works fine and good. But same

    method i have done for android. It does not works.

    is there any separate procedure method for Android Subscription?.... or else what i am doing wrong...?
  2. JeffDUnity3D


    Unity Technologies

    May 2, 2017