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How to roll in ship sails with cloth components?

Discussion in 'Physics' started by Derlix, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Derlix


    Jan 6, 2019
    I'm currently building a ship for the asset store which uses Cloth Simulation for the sails. One of it's main features is the ability to fold in the sails, and i even managed to achieve this by using Blendshapes while fading out the cloth simulation.
    But when i scaled my ship, this completly broke. And of course, i don't want users of my asset to be restricted from changing it's size. With the last updates of Unity the incompatibility of Cloth and Blendshapes became even worse and doesn't work correctly even without scaling...
    I opened a bug report (, but it has been months now...

    So here i am searching for another solution, working around this issue. I researched a little bit, but either they used camera tricks, turned of the Cloth Component immediatly without fading which doesn't look great, or i can't get behind how they did it at all (Sea Of Thieves).

    Does anyone has an idea how to implement the cloth folding mechanic for my ship or has successfully achieved this effect?