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Question how to put and play Living Picture in AR

Discussion in 'AR' started by King-URY, Aug 6, 2022.


Living Picture in AR

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  1. King-URY


    Aug 6, 2022

    I am a fine artist (painter) and have a project to create a Living Picture (like the ones from Harry Potter) in AR using a smartphone (iPhone) in the gallery.

    I am completely new to Unity and I want to learn as much magic as possible in a long term. The reason why I signed up is that my art project seems to need Unity/Vuforia/AdobeAero and possibly Ps.
    I know how to create layers and image sequences using Photoshop and Premier for a 1-2mins animation.

    Is there anyone who knows or can guide me in the simplest or most detailed step-by-step methods of how to create a Living Picture in AR when projected onto my painting in the gallery? It is very important and urgent for me for the next 2 weeks. I would really appreciate some expert who can share their knowledge and experiences with me.

    thank you so much.


  2. fbergonzinigames


    Apr 3, 2020
    Look I can tell you how I would do it, but using AR foundation, a Unity pakage.

    What you can do is use Ar foundation's Image traking system (you can find many video tutorials on youtube about it).
    Thanks to that, in fact, your app will be able to recognize a given image (your painting) and apply an mp4 video on it (I would say with the video player or render texture).

    It is not very complex, you can do it even without code.

    For the steps do this:
    1) Open Unity and install the latest version of Ar foundation.
    2) Watch some basic tutorials on image traking and understand how to create an image library and place your content when the image is traked by the system.
    3) Do a test build, for testing on iphone you will need a Mac.

    Ah, another option to achieve your goal would be to create an Instangram filter that recognizes the painting and applies the video to it, using Spark AR. This way people wouldn't need to download an application (which you wouldn't have time to put on the IOS store in two weeks anyway), but they could use the filter directly from Instangram.
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  3. mikeyrafier98


    May 19, 2022
    As being said by Mr. fbergonzinigames, we can use "Image tracking" from AR Foundation feature, simple yet quite rich for most of the case.

    This video might be helped,
    , keyword to find "unity ar foundation image tracking to play video"

    For applying the image tracking, marker-based AR on AR Foundation, it is true can be done without coding.
    But I think a little bit experiment to play the video, as well as to do something that achieve your goal.

    I haven't know the Instagram option, but I think might also quite interesting to be tried.
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  4. King-URY


    Aug 6, 2022
    Thanks so much, fbergonzinigames & mikeyrafier98 for your quick responses and the guide. I feel that I am a very beginner and I may need to watch the video and other tutorials to begin.