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Question How to properly setup Reflection Probes for interiors?

Discussion in 'VR' started by danielesuppo, May 2, 2023.

  1. danielesuppo


    Oct 20, 2015
    Hello all,
    I should create a (quite as possible) realistic interior for a VR project.
    I've not used Unity from a long time, and I'm experimenting the URP for the 1st time, with all its features.
    Well, I think that my very first starting scene is not totally bad, but as you perfectly know the big issue are always the reflections (not just for metals, but for everything).


    We can't use SSR, ok, so we can just rely on Reflection Probes (I've looked around for a SSR VR solution but I didn't find anything).
    So, I've digged into the Reflection Probes.
    The "Box Projection" feature is amazing (finally parallax!), just like every other feature (blend distance, etc), and when I do some test in an empty scene, with just a couple of reflection probes and a few default objects (a cube, a sphere) it work perfectly.
    But, in a real scene, in which you should put several reflection probes here and there, each one with its own fallof, it seem to me that some issues come out.

    I know that with URP on each object we can have at least a maximum of two blending reflection probes, and that I can set the "Importance" parameter on each probe that is overlapping on some other probe, but most times it simply doesn't work.
    For example in my very simple scene I have 2 reflection probes ("box projection" = true) that give an overall reflection, plus a third one that should just give reflection in a small area (where there's the lamp). I've set this last reflection probe with an importance=10, but the lamp object is not affected at all.



    So, I suppose that's my fault, and I don't know how to properly setup the Refletion Probes, despite the official docs that I've read.
    I've watched some tutorials on Google, but I've found just basic informations, that didn't help me so much.
    So, is there any good advanced tutorial or doc that explain how to use the Reflection Probes, with all their features, in the best way?
    Or, at least, is there a reason why this 3rd reflection probe does not work?

    Many thanks for your help!

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  2. danielesuppo


    Oct 20, 2015

    Not true.
    Or at least the documentation is not updated, or at least is not so well explained