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Question How to open a UDP port from Unity without changing router settings?

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Corwinpierce8, Jan 8, 2024.

  1. Corwinpierce8


    Dec 16, 2020
    I'm creating a program that is meant to listen for UDP packets from an external server, and when I manually open my ports through my router it works just fine, but I'd like to give this program to several friends who are unable to change router settings. I wanted to know if it would be possible to open the port through the application itself?

    Starting function (runs once)

    void StartGet(string textIn) {

    // code to send message to server
    // Message is a join request
    // " Con [User] "

    string[] splitText = textIn.Split(" ");

    TargetName = splitText[1];

    try {

    /// Send join request to server.
    remoteEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(ServerIP), ServerPortA);
    client = new UdpClient();

    byte[] data = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Con " + TargetName); //Set connect code
    client.Send(data, data.Length, remoteEndPoint); //Send connect code

    client.Close(); // Close join request client

    client = new UdpClient(ServerPortB); // Client for listening to server

    /// Setup Osc server for forwarding
    _oscOut = gameObject.AddComponent<OscOut>();
    _oscOut.Open( 9000 , "" );

    /// Thread for listening to server.

    receiveThread = new Thread(
    new ThreadStart(GetThread));
    receiveThread.IsBackground = true;

    } catch (Exception err) {
    Log("<color=\"red\"Error sending UDP packet</color>");

    Background listener thread

    private void GetThread() {
    while (true) {

    /// Listening to server
    IPEndPoint anyIP = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 0);
    byte[] data = client.Receive(ref anyIP);

    string incoming = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(data);
    string[] SplitMessage = incoming.Split(" ");


  2. CodeSmile


    Apr 10, 2014
    Tough question, definitely not Unity related.

    But anyway, if at all, it's got to be through a router feature called UPnP which allows programs to request the opening of a port respectively port forwarding. However, that feature may not be available on every router or it may be disabled for good reasons and lastly, even if its enabled on the router the local software firewall may block outgoing UPnP requests.

    I have no idea how to interface with that service, I'm guessing it involves sending a broadcast packet. I mention it only for further research.
  3. mgear


    Aug 3, 2010
    nat punch-through is usually mentioned in these cases.. no idea if its solution here(?)

    i've had this bookmarked, could have a look if it has solutions
    CodeRonnie likes this.