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Question How to move a Timeline with animated game objects to a new scene?

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by akent99, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. akent99


    Jan 14, 2018
    Timeline assets have bindings to objects in the scene hierarchy - so you can use a timeline asset in different scenes by dragging the relevant game object to the binding. But is there an easy way to clone a timeline and all the game objects being animated between scenes? I don't want changes in the cloned timeline to affect the original timeline.

    For example, if I select all the objects to copy between scenes in the scene hierarchy and do "Copy" and go to the new scene and do "Paste", it seems to preserve the linkages between the game objects - nice! But I cannot see how to select the game objects AND timeline tracks and copy and paste them all, so all the tracks are cloned and all the bindings are preserved. Is there a cool way to do it?

    My full case is using Unity Sequences. I decided to split a scene and wanted to move ~30 sequences (which have Timelines under each sequence) to a new scene. This took a long time to do because I had to reconnect all the objects to each track (e.g. 3 animated objects per sequence gets you to 90 object bindings to reconnect). It worked, but was painful. Is there a better way? (Because the Timeline assets are part of the Sequences, I had to copy tracks between scenes - moving Timelines caused all sorts of problems as the Sequences support assumed it owned the timelines.) - I wrote up what I did in more detail, for my own later reference in case useful to anyone else. I dont plan to do this often(!).