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How to handle single Animation track in Timeline?

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by amitkavatkar02, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. amitkavatkar02


    Jun 30, 2019
    So currently I am using a single timeline for all game objects in a game. And I am using "signals" to handle various events on a timeline. But when I put some signal on a timeline, it reflects on every animation track. I tried to add signals on particular animation track but that didn't work for me...

    I just want to handle selected animation tracks at a particular time...
  2. seant_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 25, 2015
    If you put signals on a timeline, the receiver of the signals is a component on the same GameObject as the playable director. If you put them on a track, then the receiver of the signals is on the GameObject that is bound to that track.

    If there is no SignalReceiver component, or you disable it, then the signals won't have any effect.

    When you edit a signal in Timeline, the 'Signal Receiver' section is actually an inspector on the GameObject it targets, and is there simply as a convenience.

    I don't completely understand the setup you have going, but I hope that helps clarify. It sounds like you can achieve the behaviour you want by managing which objects have SignalReceiver components.
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