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Question How to handle active states during animation transitions

Discussion in 'Animation' started by andygeersdt, Aug 25, 2023.

  1. andygeersdt


    Jan 18, 2021
    Hi there, when doing 2D animations, I find that a relatively common situation I come up against is that animation A wants to have one particular child object active, and animation B wants to have a different child object active - and the two should be mutually exclusive (e.g. different versions of a face in different expressions, or a hand opening into a fist, to give just two examples). I struggle to know how to handle animation transitions well - in reality, what ends up happening is that during the transition phase, BOTH child objects are active at the same time, which does not produce good results. (e.g. you can see an open hand and a fist overlapping each other at the same time)

    I often end up setting the transition period to 0, but then all of the other body parts just skip to their new position and rotation, which is ugly in a different way!

    How do other people handle this?