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How to .gitignore all Collab and service things ?

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by Karsten, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. Karsten


    Apr 8, 2012
    The title might confuse you at first but imagine the following:
    You joined a development team where most people use Git , but you are smart already , you have a Unity teams Advanced account and always use collab because you know working with it is fast , direct and the Unity services you can use along with it make you very productive like cloud build and maybe others (yes you can use cloud build with git I know but I cant do it that way for a reason you dont need to know).

    On the other hand you know it would be hard to impossible to convince the whole team to switch to collab also because the really useful Unity Teams advanced isnt free.

    Long story short: How to .gitignore all Unity service stuff ? Like collab ect also the generated project id and other "hidden" stuff so that you can work with Git and Unity Collab and services at the same time without touching other team members?
    This is a big issue imo and the Unity Services team should make it possible or at least assemble a .gitignore that exclodes this things because imagine:
    You generate a project id and push it to the remote repo ,in worst case they think you want to "steal" the project .

    Maybe its easier to do as it looks first, shouldn't it be enought to somehow avoid to push the information that the project is "linked" to a Unity Project id to the git repo?
    Where is that project id , how to .gitignore it ? Maybe I am on the wrong page?
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