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Question How to force audio to play on speakerphone when microphone is active

Discussion in 'Android' started by RicaPT, May 9, 2024.

  1. RicaPT


    May 4, 2023
    We are having this issue on both iOS and Android. Our project has a voice chat feature and when the user is muted, the audio comes from the speakerphone. When unmuted, the audio comes faintly from the earpiece.

    This behaviour has been consistent with different models of iPhones, iPad and Pixel phones.

    Things I've tried:
    • Toggle Force iOS Speaker while Recording: toggling it on causes the behaviour I described above. The audio still comes from the earpiece when microphone is active. When headphones are connected, the audio still comes through the speakerphone/earpiece instead of the headphones.
    • I've tried toggling on and off Prepare iOS for Recording too, and it seems like the best result is when it's off. When it's on the audio from the microphone doesn't seem to work.
    • UnitySpeakerFix: this plugin had no effect. It's an old and archived plugin so not a viable solution anyway.
    • UnitySpeakerFix_iOS7plus: further attempt to update the above plugin, but still not kept up to date (we are at OS 17 now).
    iOS workarounds are not working and I haven't found workaround for Android. All threads I've seen of similar issues are 5-10 years old either left unresolved or with outdated solutions, and I haven't seen recent discussions on it. Does anyone have any updated workaround or ideas? Using Unity 2021.3.19f1.