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Question How to export transparent motion images and/or audio into OBS/vMix?

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by roi_to_long, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. roi_to_long


    Jun 8, 2023
    I want to export images and audio from Unity into live-streaming software (OBS/vMix...):
    1. From Unity, I want to export its graphic with motions with a TRANSPARENT background into OBS. I **do not want to use the Chroma Key **(because it has its own limitations). The pictures should be real-transparent to display on OBS as an overlay layer.
    2. From that graphic overlay layer, I want to apply the "glassmorphism blur" effect. The area in the layer below the graphic should be blurred (as a "glass" in front of it).
    3. From Unity, I want to export its audio into OBS. I don't want to use capturing desktop audio feature in OBS. It could be mixed with the computer's audio (e.g. alert sounds...) or audio from other apps. The exported audio from Unity into OBS should be "clean" - only audio that plays within the Unity program.
    Do you know anyway or any library or any suggestion to do any of those?