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2D Physics How to create 2D weapon which can pass trough dynamic RigidBodies

Discussion in '2D Experimental Preview' started by TEXTUS, Jun 21, 2016.



    Nov 1, 2015
    I want to create a 2D weapon ( Axe with polygon collider on it ) ,which can interact with any other objects and not affect or change position of Dynamic RigidBodies , and at the exact point of interaction instantiate hit effect ( Sparks for example ) .

    The question is : how to create entity wich will interact with :
    - objects with just colliders on it ( Wall , Ground Vs Weapon)
    - objects with dynamyc RigidBodies ( Enemies , moveable solid objects Vs Weapon) (and not prevent them from moving , not change their position , basicly pass trough them )
    - with themselfs (Weapon vs Weapon)
    But still it need to retrieve exact position of interaction .
    And prefereably it should happen only than object enters other object .

    Its kind of possible in 5.5a but not before . It can be achieved by using Collider2D.cast in FixedUpdate on object with collider2D and kinematic not simulated RigidBody2D and than retrieve position from RaycastHit2D . But it is not exact solution .

    Basicly i need RigidBody (or better just a collider2D) which receive all collision callbacks but still pass trough dynamic simulated RigidBodies , and updates its ContactPoints . Is that possible to impliment in 5.5a ?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016