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Question How to convert Homemade Generic Animation Clips Into Humanoid?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by TheEpsilonToMyDelta, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. TheEpsilonToMyDelta


    Apr 26, 2021

    I'm a Unity beginner and have gotten involved in a game/research project. Basically making an office game where employees move around and have some emotion-related animations. Our budget is $0 and the project lead doesn't want to rely on third party animations, so my job is trying to make some homemade mocap animations using a 360 Kinect and having them play nice with the animations the animation team is making.

    I got the mocap to work by using the Kinect With MS SDK asset to capture my motion onto a character (we got the model from Mixamo), and then using Unity Runtime Animation Recorder to record the motions of the skeleton unto an animation clip.

    As far as I understand Unity animations, the clip created by the Recorder is a Legacy clip. However, it works with Mecanim after unticking the "Legacy" check on the clip's inspector. It's now, I'm assuming, a Generic animation clip, and it works fine if we give the animated character a Generic avatar and the names of the bones match.

    My problem is that the rest of the animations are all Humanoid kind animations, and we haven't been able to make the Animator Controller work with both types of animations. I'm guessing it's because our recorded animations are Generic, so we can't use them to animate a character with a Humanoid avatar.

    My question, then, is whether it's possible to convert the Generic clips I recorded into a Humanoid animation.
    I don't know what extra/different information is stored by Humanoid Clips compared to Generic clips, is there a way we can add that differential and the keyframes from our generic anims into a working humanoid clip? Some option in the editor? some way to make a blank Humanoid animclip and copy/paste the recorded keyframes into it?

    If there isn't, then would it be possible to go from Humanoid to Generic, then convert the Humanoid Animations we have into Generic and work entirely with Generic avatars? And would we miss out on any important functionality by doing this?

    Thanks in advance!