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Question How to cleanly access examples other than 3DBall

Discussion in 'ML-Agents' started by wikiwow, Dec 1, 2023.

  1. wikiwow


    Dec 30, 2022
    I can't find any good explanations about how to cleanly get to any of the other examples (crawler, walker, etc.).

    The docs recommend cloning the GitHub repo and manually adding the package via "Window -> Package Manager -> add package from disk --> .json file," but after this is done, nothing shows up in the project assets section.

    The only way I've found is to drag and drop the example folders from file explorer. However, this leads to many errors. I fixed the errors by just deleting the files and folders they mentioned, but that seems like a really messy way to handle things.

    Is there a better way?

    Thank you
  2. smallg2023


    Sep 2, 2018
    you could try load them directly from the scenes in the examples folder under "Project/Assets/ML-Agents/Examples/" - that should let them load without errors, then create a package from the scene and import that into your project