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How to bring a new game to suitable user in Play store & App Store

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by Natrad, May 21, 2019.

  1. Natrad


    Mar 20, 2019
    Dear friends,

    Forgive me if I ask wrong question, I do searched a lot of time related to this issue but poor was me, no one asked & discussed about this before.

    Firstly, For me, unity is perfect cross-platform to build Games for Smart Phone, we can do whatever we want, we think and so on. Normally, every technical issues has the solution. That is GREAT.

    But for me, the problem is what I need to do after COMPLETE PUBLISH in Store (Play store & App Store) to archive new downloads, or in another point of view: HOW TO BRING MY GAME TO SUITABLE USER ? (Independent with game publishers).

    I read & tried SEO, ASO, Facebook Ads ... but that seems to be not effective.
    If you read this post, and you have any experience about how to do it, could you share with me & our community also.

    I pretty sure that every developer will face this issue after finishing their first game by unity.

    Thanks in advances.

    BWT: My first game is: **Tiny Alien Ep3**

    - Download Link for iPhone & iPad
    - Download Link for Android Phone

    Hope everyone is doing well !
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  2. AkiraWong89


    Oct 30, 2015
    So cute and good quality little game. As your 1st game, this is very nice already.
    Just little suggestion, I realize the space background is a bit blurry and stretched.
    Increase the resolution or draw a brand new one from sketch will be better.
    You can use some custom random position brushes to draw space star fields easily.
    On the main page, I think you can remove those words under each icons.
    Those "Shop", "Reward", "Ads" etc... Player should know what is that by the icon.

    You also encountered that problem right? Yes, all game developers will face this reality.
    A lots of method it works on previous time but no longer work for now. The world changes fast.
    More games are available on the market, hence becomes lower values but higher competition.

    In order to make your game stand out. You need to be very sure who are your audiences.
    Your player's age range, gender, interests and so on. Why they must play your game?
    Make 2 main reasons of it. You need to rethink about it if you are also not sure.
    Then grab a sniper instead of shotgun, advertise it on any social medias within your budget.
    Facebook and Instagram ads campaign is actually quite good if you target your audience correctly.
    I personally already recognized and installed 7 different games from these social medias ads.

    Additionally you can do it manually which is the most effective but might a bit tired.
    Go out to reach your friends and introduce them to play together.
    If they like it, ask them to introduce their friends too and so on.
    If you have friends who are YouTuber, that is cool. Just discuss with him / her.
    You can also doing B2B to find investors or sponsorship to sponsor your game.
    I believe your country have a lots of game development gathering events right?
    Such as all kind of game jam, some official or indie gathering and so on.
    You can present your game project there as well.

    Another great way to increase exposure is to make an eTournament.
    Although yours kind of games is a bit hard but that is one of the way.
    Maybe you can organize yourself in a little place with friends support.
    Not sure on your place but it's very effective on South East Asia.

    Here's another grand topic. You need to know about this to increase success rate.
    Let's stand of the very origin point of view. We won't die without games but foods, water and air.
    Hence game is actually an luxury thing. It's optional for people's life.
    So you need to make your game important to their life to increase living value.
    That's why apps always have a lots more download than games.
    What player will get after playing your game? Knowing more new friends?
    Able to learn some extra knowledge? Able to get some real benefit?

    We all know that success is about doing the right thing in right time with right people.
    If Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Zelda, Pong and so on release just now, it won't become so famous.
    Yes, means any business is included a bit of luck unless you are come from future.

    If your game luckily becomes a hit. Means you game will going downfall soon.
    The average climax period of a mobile game is around 2 months.
    After that, active users will start to decrease massively.
    This lead to another topic for how to remain your game fresh to people.
    eTournament is one of the solution and keep non-stop updating new stuffs.

    For free advertising. You can use forum here, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook groups.
    Although they are not much effective nowadays but at least it's free.

    Here's all hints I can give you according to my experience.
    Ya. It's very hard and challenging doing game development nowadays.
    But if you believe yourself, please don't give up. Good luck.;)
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  3. Natrad


    Mar 20, 2019
    Dear AkiraWong89,
    I really appreciate your sharing and many thanks for your suggestion how to to improve my first game, very specific !!!
    Thanks for your advice, I will try to dig deeper in this things.
    Actually, I do understand how challenging when we publish our indie game.
    In my point of view:
    - Creating a Game is Student level, just for hobbies.
    - Having more than 100.000 user that really want to play a Game is Man level :)

    Anyway, If I found any interesting method to solve this issue, I would share it in here.
    One again, thank u very much.
    If anybody have other experiences, pls share to help some newbie like me, thanks in advance !!!
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