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How to Achieve Full-Body Tracking in Unity

Discussion in 'VR' started by CEEMSURESEARCHER, Jun 10, 2019.



    May 6, 2019
    Hey All,

    I am new to Development in VR, and I think I want full body tracking using the HTC Vive extra trackers.

    How would I go about achieving this?

    Do I need three extra trackers and download a IK solution for those trackers? Or, does Unity or HTC Vive have a full-body solution already, so I don't have to spend money on assets such as Final IK?

  2. iike


    Mar 19, 2019
    Hi, I have been trying to achieve the same goal, but I am still at a very early stage.
    I never used Final IK or any IK asset.
    However, I believe that an alternative to the Final IK asset would be Unity's Mecanim tool. Take a look at YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials that teach you how Mecanim IK works.
    Then you will have not a full body tracking, but a full body avatar that is animated while you are walking with the HMD.
    Sometimes a walking animation is better than a full and precise body tracking.

    (If you truly want a full body tracking, based on what I have seen, you may need more three trackers. Three of them would be the right-hand controller, left-hand controller and the HMD. The other three would be HTC trackers: one attached to each foot, and the last attached to the user's spine. For general inverse kinematics to work, you need these called end-effector x,y and z positions (position of the extremities of your limbs). The trackers and controllers will give you that information. I believe that tracking the spine only gives you a more-refined IK at the end.)
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