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Question How to access the Rendering Debugger options via script?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by KenZenKen, Apr 9, 2024.

  1. KenZenKen


    Jan 2, 2024
    Hi , I am creating an editor only tool in Unity that wants to create presets so i can set the rendering debugger options inside like the Material Overrides to something of choice. This is so that i can quickly render it out from the camera view as textures using another script. However, I am finding difficulties in finding the API ( i dont think its accessible ) to call it via a script.

    If so, is there another work around to obtain the passes? I am very curious on what's going behind the scenes for the Rendering Debugger! I would just like to control the options it is selecting via a script in Editor mode only.

    I am using URP. Camera is using a renderer asset that is using deferred rendering mode. ( as forward rendering does not get it to show on the Game View ). I've tried looking into the source code such as the `DebugViewEnums.cs`, `DebugDisplaySettingsMaterial.cs`, `DebugHandler.cs` and `DebugViewEnum.cs.hlsl`

    Any help would be appreciated!! :)
    The image below shows the enum i am trying to select via script.