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Question How To 3D Scan with Apple Device?

Discussion in 'Unity MARS' started by SOCOSOCO, May 19, 2022.



    Oct 10, 2019
    I am looking through the Internet since days and I still didnt find a way how to get the 3D Scanned objects from the UnityARCompanion-App in my Unity project.

    I know I need an Apple Device with MacOS Montery und Unity on it.
    Still dont know how I can get my Ipad Pro 2021 scans import my Objects on my MacBook Pro from 2015.

    In the Presentations from AWE they just say something like: "And then you can put it in Unity", but dont show how they do it, due to the 360p I cant even realy see something they do in unity


    Thanks in advance

  2. jmunozarUTech


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 1, 2020
    Hello @SOCOSOCO

    Its quite easy, you do not need an apple device to take the pictures, an android device with the AR Companion app would suffice for taking the images. Yet you still need a machine with OSX Monterey to generate a 3D model of the pictures.

    To do this, you just need to install the object capture package that you can find here:

    Do note that the object capture package is in preview stage so you will have to activate preview packages in your unity install and you will need to use at least Unity 2020.3.20f1 or newer.

    Note that you can generate models just from pictures living in a folder taken from a regular camera (with high res), but its easiest from the AR Companion app since it also generates a gravity vector for each picture taken.

    To get you getting started you can check this

    Hope this helps you out and let us know if you have any issues! :)
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