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How fast is your 2D pixelart sprite based game ?

Discussion in '2D' started by arkogelul, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. arkogelul


    Nov 14, 2016
    I'm making a pixel art 2D game with small sprites. It's my first game and I'm kind of lost when it comes to evaluate any kind of performances.

    It targets PC but I do tests on mobile as well to see how it goes. And it varies too much to actually help me to ball park where I stand.

    I followed every best practice tutorial given by Unity. All the tips for game optimization. But I don't really know if that's actually effective because I don't know if the number, my FPS counter gives me, are OK or poor of off the charts.

    Do I use too many gameobjects? do I use too many animator components?
    I realised Unity is a 3D software first. So any simple 2D game will suffer the complexity of any component without really having any benefit.

    I discovered the ECS along the way, but we were too far into development and couldn't really make the transition without a massive overhaul.

    I'd love to know your experience, the type of game you make, and the FPS count you get at your best.
  2. SAVVU


    Dec 6, 2015
    I am currently developing a 2D mobile game also pixel art like yours. My sprites are small and the soze for single sprites is not larger than 100KB. Multiple Sprites can be 200+KB.

    I have a lot of GameObjects in the scene since the game is an endless runner and I am spawning new random tiles infront of the player. Old tiles behind me get deleted in small packages of 10 to 15 together at a time.

    As you can see below my FPS counter is about 70-85 every time I play in the Unity editor. When importing to mobile everything seems to be smooth as well (without knowing the exact FPS). So if your game has about the same FPS i think it should be enough.

    If you experience lagg every know and then while playing, your scripts can be the cause. For example Instantiate() and Destroy() are heavy functions and using them a lot can reduce the gameplay quality!