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Question How do I solve this problem in my unity can't create a new project "Failed to resolve project templ

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by DUAL_B, Sep 27, 2023.

  1. DUAL_B


    Jun 12, 2023
    Failed to resolve project template: Failed to decompress [D:\UNITY 2023\2022.3.9f1-x86_64\Editor\Data\Resources\PackageManager\ProjectTemplates\com.unity.template.3d-8.1.1.tgz
  2. SeumShine


    Dec 17, 2023
    Hi, sorry for my bad english i'm a french guy

    I had the same message as you with the ''com.unity.template.3d-8.1.1.tgz''
    I was running Unity latest version (2023) and the 2022.3.6f1 version and both failed at creating new projects
    Problem was i wanted to run the 2022.3.6f1 version for compatibility reasons with a game.

    I tried many issues and finally decide to Uninstall all components of Unity (Editor & Hub)
    I re-downloaded the Hub, without the latest editor and found the 2022.3.6f1 version on Unity offical site (downloads archives)
    After install that way, all is running perfect, include import assets.
    Be careful about the longer of the path to your folder too, just in case it's not fixed

    Hope that will help you or someone else.