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Question How do I make my XR Origin Move along with a real life user?

Discussion in 'VR' started by JeroenRoelant, Dec 12, 2022.

  1. JeroenRoelant


    Nov 10, 2021
    Our game uses the left hand joystick to move it's character, however while testing we noticed that users tend to move a lot in real life.

    While the camera moves along with the player, the XR-origin, that has a collider for the player, does not move in the game and keeps it's original position.

    How do we make the XR origin move along with the player so the positions in-game and irl are synchronised?

    Thanks in advance
  2. DevDunk


    Feb 13, 2020
    You can put the game logic and collision on the camera instead of the xr origin. That works for my physical movement games. See XR origin as your play area
  3. PatHightreeXVR


    Dec 10, 2018
    Check out this tutorial by Justin Barnett, he demonstrates a script solution to the user walking through walls which also supports crouching.
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