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Question How do I find the HDRP template? I'm ready to make a game or at least test it out.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Nubnubbud, Apr 10, 2022.


did you have trouble finding the HDRP template?

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  1. none at all

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  2. it was tough, but I didn't need help

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  3. I figured out how to convert the sample scene

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  4. I never found a way

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  5. I avoided HDRP because there was none/what is HDRP?

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  1. Nubnubbud


    Nov 19, 2014
    the question's in the title. I've been fiddling around with unity on my off time for a couple years, and I want to do more than a little scripty tech demo for once. also a poll, because this feels super counter intuitive and if a lot of people have trouble with this, HDRP adoption could probably be stunted by lack of accessibility and we need to raise it as an issue. (if HDRP is something to adopt? not sure there...)

    There's a sample scene, but as it says, it's a sample scene, and as many times as I've tried, I keep breaking it trying to remove all the offending assets and change the settings to what make sense for a ... "default"...?

    which is a strange thing to say, because there is no default I can find, and therefore no way for me to figure out for sure what a default value or setup might be. is it like some of the other cryptic stuff and the real one is squirreled away in some third party's github account or something? how do I link that to Unity Hub?

    and I've never needed to do this before- so, in case there is no actual template (is HDRP a specific curated set of addons and scripts only stored sample?) how do I remove... what's not a template? I know I'm missing something.

    it feels like there's a workflow or concept, that looking at a shiny orb with a unity logo has somehow not imparted into my defective brain.
  2. JeffDUnity3D


    May 2, 2017
    You should see the following HDRP option when you create a new Unity project from the Hub
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  3. Also if you have the new Hub...

    Labels speak for themselves. Core is core, empty scene with HDRP, Sample contains sample.

    Sooooo, Unity doesn't use the shiny new Hub? :D