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Question How do I change the Interpolate property on a rigidbody with Timeline?

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by Cooo_oooper, Apr 19, 2024.

  1. Cooo_oooper


    Apr 20, 2023
    Hello all,

    During a cutscene I child my player to a vehicle and set the players rigidbody component to IsKinematic = true. This works with Timeline. However the player lags behind the vehicle severely and the only fix I see is to set the Interpolation to "None". However when I set the Interpolation to "None" I get other issues during gameplay.

    Now I wanted to animate the Interpolate property of the rigidbody and have it be None during the Cinematic and Interpolate after. However when I set the Animation Track to record then switch the Interpolate property to None, no new keyframe is inserted.

    No I wanted to ask how is this possible? Or am I encountering a bug here?