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Question How can we show (legally) users on the UI that Unity Player Accounts sign-in supports Google/Apple?

Discussion in 'Authentication' started by kuabs, Nov 6, 2023.

  1. kuabs


    Aug 29, 2023

    First let me start by saying-- the Unity Player Accounts Authentication flow is absolutely amazing. What Unity was able to do here by just giving a user a single ID to configure in their app and they automatically handle users signing up via Google and Apple is amazing.

    That being said, not many users are familiar with Unity Player Accounts today. The demo has a Unity Logo with a "Sign in with Unity Accounts" text. Once you click it, you see that it supports Apple and Google.

    My question is, regarding branding and legality, what can I do if I want to support only Unity Player Accounts and *maybe* (assuming I can get email password resets working) username/password?

    Meaning, on the UI I'd love to visibly show that this sign in method supports Google and Apple, but I don't know if legally I can show those icons on a CTA that leads them to the Unity Sign in page. Can I?

    And if I can't do that, can I just make a generic "Sign in" button that leads to the Unity Player Accounts sign in?

    Even though I love Unity for giving the ability of offloading the ability to sign in via google and apple to them, I'm a bit worried that users will be offput if my only sign in icon on the home screen is a Unity logo vs traditional SSO that this supports.

    Any advice?