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Question How can I use the rigging package with my character hand/s to pickup item ?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by shamenraze1988, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. shamenraze1988


    Nov 24, 2020
    What I'm trying to do is like the example in the package in the mParent scene.

    In the unity mParent scene the character is walking then stop then with animation duck down and pickup the sword and then holding the sword in his hand.
    In my character I want the character just to pickup the sword and hold it in his hand without walking and stopping just when running the game I want my character to duck down and pickup the sword.

    My character have this components in in the Inspector and I added to it the MParent script and Rig Builder component.

    In my character animator controller I added the animation of the pickup as state :

    The sword is child of my character.

    On my character rig object I added the Rig component :

    This screenshot show the MParent object settings in the Inspector :

    I want the character to pickup the sword and that the sword will become in the character left hand holding it.
    The object name rig_hand.L is somewhere deep inside in the character Rig you can see it in the screenshots.

    Now when running the game the animation is playing in the animator but the player is not picking up the sword. The player is changing position moving up up far that's it. The animation is playing in the animator but has no affect on the character.