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How can I make all materials in a scene or project change shaders?

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by dukerustfield, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. dukerustfield


    Dec 5, 2019
    I'm working with some purchased assets, some of which are quite large and I want to change the shaders on them to be a baseline of HDRP/Lit. Is there a way to do that in the UI? Edit/RenderPipeline didn't seem to have any options.

    I'd rather not code this if there is a simple UI solution. And it seems there has to be somewhere, I just don't know where it's located.

  2. SebLagarde


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 30, 2015
    hi, If the assets from the assets store use regular builtin unity shader, then there is a conversion to HDRP/lit shader.
    Either open the HDRP wizard (Windows -> Render Pipeline -> HDRP wizard) and go at the bottom there is buttom name convert to HDRP material (or something like that :) ) or you can use Edit -> Render Piepline and found the menu with similar name.

    If assets don't use regular shaders, you can check what we are doing in the script and perform a similar thing for your case.