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Question How can i filter leaders from Country?

Discussion in 'Leaderboards' started by doublehitgames, Sep 11, 2023.

  1. doublehitgames


    Mar 5, 2016
    I noticed that we don't have this native option, correct?
    Therefore, how can I show players from a specific country, and/or global, in the ranking, without filtering countries? Mybe using Tiers? IDK
  2. restush96


    May 28, 2019
    There is no way to get country. But there is one method I know however, it's quite expensive. Here are the steps

    Service that we need: Leaderboard, Cloud Code, Cloud Save

    - In client side, when player sign in for first time, prompt `Select your country`
    - In client side, save player country info to Cloud Save
    - Make Cloud Code with parameter LeaderboardID
    - In Cloud Code, write code to get all user of LeaderboardID, the return user will have PlayerID. Check their API Doc
    - In Cloud Code, create class `PlayerData` to hold data PlayerID and Country
    - In Cloud Code, create array to hold PlayerData
    - In Cloud Code, foreach PlayerIDs to get `Country` variable from Cloud Save, if you found it, then create new `PlayerData` and assignee PlayerID and Country then push to array we created.
    - In Cloud Code, serialize the array of `PlayerData` to JSON then return it
    - In client side, make a C# class that contain prop PlayerID and Country
    - In client side, try call the cloud code method with param `LeaderboardID` that we created where it will return JSON, then deserialize by `JsonConvert.DeserializeObject`
    - Foreach the return value and filter which country that you want
    - Finish

    To improve performance, need to cache after we get the leaderboard value, so it will blazing fast.