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Question How and for what is AWS SCT useful?

Discussion in 'Community Learning & Teaching' started by Techveera, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. Techveera


    Sep 6, 2022
    I am looking to migrate some databases (in Terabytes) from oracle, MS SQL and Sybase to PostgreSQL I came across - SCT as one of the tools which might be useful I have a few questions regarding the viability and ability of SCT for the task:


    1. Is AWS SCT able to migrate databases (Data and Schema both) from Oracle, MS SQL and Sybase to PostgreSQL ?
    2. Is AWs SCT able to migrate Triggers, Queries, Views and Stored Procedures ?
    3. Does this migration happen on-premises or I will have upload/transfer to upload my data to AWS cloud compute or S3 instances, migrate/convert and download back ?
    4. What is the largest database size that can be migrated using AWS SCT (Giga/Terabytes/Records) ?
    5. How fast is the database migrated (Data per Time) ?
    6. What is the accuracy of the migration (Percent) ?
    7. how do I use the AWS SCT tool ? ( example: Is it available for public download? Are there any Paid licenses? Does it come bundled with some other service which we have to buy? )
    8. I would also appreciate if there is any extra information about AWS services which might help my project.
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