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Games Horizons - Mobile VR project

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by BamBamAlicious, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. BamBamAlicious


    Jan 29, 2017
    Hey all and thanks for reading my thread on my new idea and project - Horizons (working title!).

    The idea behind Horizons is to provide an open galaxy for players to explore. The core play mechanic involves being the captain of a carrier, including a full compliment of armed ships to fight and travel with you. When you travel to a system, you can then switch to your own fighter/shuttle/transport to collect resources, trade with local system stations, or just enjoy the scenery!

    I'm aiming for a game similar in play style to Escape Velocity, as well as elements from games like Conquest: Frontier Wars. The game is aimed at the Mobile VR market (Shock Horror!), mainly at the moment as;
    1) I cant afford an Oculus or Vive,
    2) More people can play afford a Cardboard style headset than an Oculus or Vive.
    3) The mobile market seems a little neglected for a more in depth game.

    Travel between star-systems will be controlled from a map in your carriers bridge, which will allow faster than light travel, but system interactions will be from your smaller ship.

    The game is played using a slot-in VR headset and a Bluetooth controller, (PITA to program at the moment until I can afford InControl or similar).

    So far I have built a starting system, almost a central point of the game containing the Earth, Moon, and Sun. I'm able to get the game running at 60fps on mobile comfortably at the moment. I have also started on various data managers, and rudimentary menu systems.

    Basic controls such as pitch, yaw, roll and thrust are all mapped to analogue sticks, and menu controls to the D-pad. Menus in the cockpit are bought closer by looking at them, and to reduce the overhead of a raycaster I've used a simple rig of colliders to detect the players gaze.

    The game will be procedurally generated outside of a handful of core systems. Firstly to reduce the development time for me, and secondly to give the player a unique experience. I've started work on the procedural generation at a system level but have a long way to go before it is use-able!

    Assets are 99% from the Unity asset store (probably quite obvious) and I'm trying to use as many free ones as I physically can!

    There will be a story component as well as trading, ship customisation, carrier customisation, factions and a mutual enemy late game. Later I would like to include some form of multi-player, if only at the pre-rendered systems.

    Should I get some funds, I will look at porting across to Oculus with Xbox control as this should almost be a straight swap!

    Anyways... if you made it this far, would love to hear your thoughts on what I have so far!

    Horizons4.png Horizons.png Horizons1.png Horizons2.png Horizons3.png