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Hope Despair Chaos - Free playtest available, realtime social deduction game on Steam

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by khanhforjob, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. khanhforjob


    Feb 27, 2017
    Hi everyone, we would like to show case our newest game on steam. It's avalable to add to wishlist and also Free to playtest now !

    Multiplayer realtime casual assasinating, investigating and social deduction game. Talents and factions combination. Hope Despair Chaos all in one package.

    - Multiplayer real time casual assassinating and investigating game.
    - Playable from 1 to 10 players.
    - SPECIAL 2+ players game mode:: All player start as Symbol of Hope. Those first players to finish all tasks become Senior Symbol of Despair.
    - Talents and factions are independent meaning a Doctor can be Hope Doc or Despair Doc or Chaos Doc or any faction possiple.
    - Each player start game with a unique talent benefit to all factions, ready to cook your master plan right from the begining.
    - Room host have extensive controls (see below).
    - Faction evidences scatter around the map, enjoy the treasures hunter experience, burn or share evidences just as plan.
    - 3D environment to show off your camera work.
    - Real time shadow allow you to hide in shadow for real, as well as hiding a body.
    - Crime scene investigation in a dark room.
    - Personal flash light with limit battery allow you to show off your management skill.
    - Each room has their own light switch button, limit power hub to charge light.
    - Everyone can vote to return to waiting room safely, without remake a new room.
    - Player colors are fully customized, everyone can use a same color if need.
    - Voice chat.
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